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The AVA NOx Sensor

New AVA Quality Cooling NOx Sensors with eco-friendly solutions

With increasingly stringent emission legislation, it is not easy to comply with these regulations. AVA Quality Cooling contributes to environmental protection by introducing new products - Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) sensors for trucks and buses.

The AVA NOx Sensor

New AVA Quality Cooling NOx Sensors with eco-friendly solutions

The European Union is fighting to reduce exhaust emissions of vehicle transport. EU authorities have already made a decision on its future. Combustion engines will be abolished by the year 2035. Prior to that, however, transportation will need to comply with ever stricter emission requirements. To satisfy the demands of road transportation, AVA Quality Cooling is launching 39 different types of nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors for heavy-duty vehicles (buses and trucks).

The NOx sensor is installed directly in the exhaust system and continuously measures the NOx content of the vehicle 's exhaust gases. This enables compliance with increasingly stringent emission standards and reduces vehicle fuel consumption.

The NOx sensor ensures correct dosing of the AdBlue solution, effectively reducing NOx emissions that are harmful to the environment.

NOx sensors do not have a finite lifespam. If they fail, the engine will not get the ideal fuel mixture. This can result in poor exhaust gas composition, higher fuel consumption, irregular engine operation and problems with the DPF/catalyst system.

You will find a complete range of AVA Quality Cooling NOx Sensors.

The sensors are available for the following vehicle brands:

  • Cummins, DAF, Solaris, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Scania, RVI, Volvo


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