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Swedish Lorry Parts

Swedish Lorry Parts

Swedish Lorry Parts is a Swedish firm that specializes in Volvo / Scania replacement parts. SLP handles its production and product development to ensure proper quality.

The company’s main business is producing and selling spare parts. SLP is competing with OES parts and their goal is to give the same or better quality at a lower cost. The firm has developed customer contacts all across the world since its foundation in 1991. SLP has provided the components needed to repair heavy vehicles on every continent.

In the heavy vehicle industry, their high product availability and quick delivery have won them a strong reputation. For the customers, SLP often has the same or better availability as many OES product providers. Unlike automobile manufacturers, the firm places a focus on spare components.

Over 65 percent of the company’s items are produced and designed by themselves, based on their own drawings, and most of them are made in Europe. Every year, SLP delivers over 100.000 packages to 91 countries around the world.

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