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41033003 Evaporator

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Highway Automotive 41033003 Evaporator

OE NUMBERS 0018304958 / 0018308458
MAHLE AE67000S, AE67000P
Nissens 92244
NRF 36152

The purpose of evaporators is to quickly cool the air within the vehicle. By absorbing heat from the vehicle's interior air, the evaporator evaporates the liquid refrigerant. The coolant decompresses and vaporizes while in the liquid phase. During decompression, the element cools down substantially. The air is dried as it passes through the evaporators and then enters the vehicle's interior.

Evaporators are used to quickly cool the air inside the car. The evaporator absorbs heat from the vehicle’s interior air to evaporate the liquid refrigerant. In the liquid phase, the coolant decompresses and vaporizes. During the decompression, the elements reduce heat significantly. The air passes through the evaporators and becomes dry before entering the vehicle’s interior.

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