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ME3211 Oil Cooler

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AVA Quality Cooling ME3211 Oil Cooler

MERCEDES / SETRA AXOR (02-) / NG 90 (87-) / SK (87-) / MK (87-) / CITARO (98-) O530 / CONNECTO (01-) O 345 / O304 (92-) / O340 (91-) / O404 (91-) / TOURISMO (94-) O350
OE NUMBERS 0021884301 / 0021887901 / 0021888001
Nissens 90756
NRF 31049

Driving with engine oil cooled by an additional heat exchanger, such as an oil cooler, is a common occurence. The cooling process relies heavily on oil. Oil coolers keep engine oil and hydraulic fluids cold. The ME3211 Oil Cooler absorbs the heat from the lubricant and transfers it to the ambient air or radiator coolant.

The oil cooler may be integrated inside the radiator water tank in some cases. An automatic gearbox oil cooler is frequently constructed as a stand-alone unit in current applications, and installed independently in the engine compartment or on the engine block.

Retarder coolers (continuous brake) are a type of oil cooler that uses coolant from the engine cooling system as the cooling medium. They’re used in hydraulic retarder systems when the operating hydraulic fluid gets hot during operation and needs to be cooled.

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