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ME6330 Heater Additional

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AVA Quality Cooling ME6330 Heater Additional

MERCEDES O 402 (86-) / O 405 (85-) / O 407 (87-) / O 408 (91-)
OE NUMBERS 0028353601 / 0028354501
CROSS-REFERENCES BHS 8FH351312731, 8FH351312721

Heaters are important part of the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, and their major function is to keep the interior of the vehicle warm. The heater's core circulates coolant from the vehicle's engine cooling system, releasing heat to the outside air. After going throught the heater, the warm air is distributed throughout the vehicle's interior. A blower can assist with ventilation.

The ME6330 Heater Additional is concealed beneath the dashboard, with a core that resembles a small radiator that acts as a heat exchanger. Heater cores and tanks are made of metal or plastic nowadays.

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