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REA5075 Condenser

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AVA Quality Cooling REA5075 Condenser

OE NUMBERS 5010315259 / 5010514079 / 5010619265
Nissens 940076
NRF 35901
FrigAir 0809.3055

Condensers cool the coolant heated by the compressor, transforming its concentration from gas to liquid. Condensers are also known as air conditioning coolers or liquefiers. The refrigerant heat is extracted and exchanged with the ambient air during the condensation process.

The REA5075 Condenser is normally located in the front of the vehicle and connected to other heat exchangers in the engine, such as the radiator or intercooler.

Depending on their architecture, condensers are classed as parallel, serpentine, or turbular. The parallel system is the most popular toda, and it stands out for its lightweight and compact construction while still delivering good performance. Aluminum is used to make these condensers.

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