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SC2003 Radiator

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AVA Quality Cooling SC2003 Radiator

SCANIA SERIA 2 (80-88) / SERIA 3 (89-)
OE NUMBERS 1321887 / 310082 / 334842 / 570458
CROSS-REFERENCES Nissens 64071, 64074
NRF 504790
VALEO 730637, 730637

The radiator is the most crucial part of the cooling system for the engine. Its task is to dissipate heat created by the engine to the environment via the cooling fluid circulating in the cooling system. The radiator has an aluminum core and tanks made of brass, steel, aluminum, or plastic. Radiators come in two main formats: with frame or frameless. The radiator's construction materials are chosen based on its inteded usage, working circumstances, and surroundings.

Depending on the application, a frame, an additional heat exchanger (for example, an oil cooler), or an integrated expansion tank can be added to the SC2003 Radiator.

Retarder coolers (continuous brake) are a type of oil cooler that uses coolant from the engine cooling system as the cooling medium. They’re used in hydraulic retarder systems when the operating hydraulic fluid gets hot during operation and needs to be cooled.

High-pressure technologies are used to create these coolers:

  • Aluminum with “plate & bar” technology
  • Stainless steel with “brazed plate” technology

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