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VL3092 Oil Cooler For Intarder

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AVA Quality Cooling VL3092 Oil Cooler For Intarder

DAF / MERCEDES / VOLVO / ZF CITARO (98-) O530 / ZF ECOMAT HP500 / HP590 / HP600 / HP502 / HP592 / HP602
OE NUMBERS 1747970 / 42556645 / 42555292 / 0002701795 / 0002702095 / 0002702795 / 0002702995 / 0002703895 / 0501008286 / 0501007584 / 0501007775

It is typical to see applications that drive with engine oil that has been cooled by an additional heat exchanger, such as an oil cooler. Oil is very important in the cooling process. VL3092 Oil Cooler For Intarders keep oil and hydraulic fluids cool in engines and automatic transmissions. The heat from the lubricant is transferred to the ambient air or radiator coolant by the oil cooler.

In some circumstances, the oil cooler is built within the radiator water tank. In today's applications, an automatic gearbox oil cooler is usually built as a stand-alone unit and mounter in the engine compartment or on the engine block.

Retarder coolers (continuous brake) are a type of oil cooler in which the cooling medium is engine coolant. They're used in hydraulic retarder systems when the working hydraulic oil gets hot and needs to cool.

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