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VLD135 Dryer

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AVA Quality Cooling VLD135 Dryer

VOLVO / ZETTELMEYER L50 / L70 / L90 / L120 / L150
OE NUMBERS 11164457 / 11604567 / 17775 / 11104567

Receiver dries are filtering units whose main purpose is to collect and store liquid refrigerant from the condenser. The receiver drier removes particles and trash from the circuit while absorbing any moisture. Moisture in the system has a negative impact on the compressor oil and component performance. The VLD135 Dryer is situated between the condenser and the expansion valve on the high-pressure side of the air conditioning loop.

Accumulators are comparable filtering devices, but they’re exclusively used in cars with an expansion tube. The accumulator ensures that no liquid form of the refrigerant enters the compressor, in addition to filtering and storing lubricant / refrigerant as in the receiver drier. The accumulator is positioned on the system’s low-pressure side.

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