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02113 Oil Filler Cap

by Febi
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FEBI 02113 Oil Filler Cap


Engine / Oil Circulation System / Oil Filler Cap


06B 103 485 C, 06B103485C

The internal combustion engine depends on engine oil.

Its duties also include cooling down heated parts, avoiding corrosion, and maintaining a clean engine in addition to lubricating the moving parts.

The oil filter is increasingly significant as oil change intervals lengthen. The internal combustion engine's waste products, such as soot and other dirt particles, must be filtered as efficiently as possible out of the engine oil. Otherwise, they can contaminate the engine's bearings on the crankshaft or camshaft or lessen the lubricating abilities of the engine oil.

High-quality oil filters ought to be highly valued because they help ensure a lengthy engine service life. Only after that does the engine keep running "smoothly" and stay clean until the next oil change.

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