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05490 Spring Pin Repair Kit

by Febi
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FEBI 05490 Spring Pin Repair Kit


Chassis / Springing / Spring Bolts / Spring Hangers


395 320 02 65, 3953200265

Without suspension, driving would be very uncomfortable and dangerous. Maintaining a continual connection between the vehicle and the road is important to transfer the forces of braking and accelerating, as well as the wheel forces in curves. The primary elements of chassis suspension are air springs and shock absorbers. The axle may move up and down to account for bumpy roads and potholes thanks to the spring, which also supports the vehicle's weight.

Since springs can swing, shock absorbers are essential parts. They reduce this swaying and aid in keeping the tires in touch with the pavement. Due to the wheels' poor road contact caused by worn or damaged shock absorbers, the vehicle's driving characteristics can worsen and the braking distance may also rise.

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