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05620 Sliding Sleeve Repair Kit

by Febi
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FEBI 05620 Sliding Sleeve Repair Kit for brake caliper


Brake System / Disc Brake / Brake Caliper


6 186 923, 6186923

A crucial component of the disc brake system is the brake caliper. The brake pads are picked up and guided by it. Like a pair of pliers, it catches the brake disc. The brake pads are pressed against the friction surface of the brake disc by pistons in the brake caliper when the brake is applied.

Parts of the brake caliper glide onto guide sleeves and pins to press the brake pads evenly against the brake disc. The guides must constantly be adjustable for proper operation. The brake caliper may jam and tilt if corrosion develops on the guides. In this case, a stopped brake caliper needs to be fixed right away to avoid the brake from overheating.

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