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08276 Axle Beam Mounting Kit

by Febi
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FEBI 08276 Axle Beam Mounting Kit with bolts


Chassis / Rubber- / Rubber-Metal-Bushes / Axle Beam Mount


126 350 01 75, 1263500175

Modern automotive chassis are built with ever-increasing complexity. Owners of more recent car models also demand the finest possible driving comfort, even on rough roads.

Rubber to metal parts are therefore becoming more and more crucial. They serve as elastic joints between the chassis and the body, particularly when utilized with multi-link axle systems.

In order to boost driving comfort and sound insulation, rubber to metal elements absorb road and drivetrain unit vibrations that happen when driving. Additionally, they enhance steering response and stability when driving on rough terrain, as well as braking and maneuver avoidance.

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