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101252 Fan Coupling

by Febi
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FEBI 101252 Fan Coupling


Engine / Engine Cooling / Visco Clutch


5 0039 5009, 500395009

For vehicle cooling, the Fan coupling is a crucial part. Fan clutches that are not electrically controlled are still present in older automobiles.

They have two discs with liquid sandwiched between them (silicone oil). The fan blades are attached to one disc, while the engine powers the other. The liquid between the discs is transported by adhesion to the other disc if cooling is necessary, and a bimetallic spring makes sure of this.

An electrically operated fan coupling is the more contemporary variant. While the architecture is identical, the engine control unit's fine regulation takes the place of the bimetallic spring's rough regulation. By doing so, the environment is improved and fuel is saved.

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