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107432 Brake Caliper Repair Kit

by Febi
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FEBI 107432 Brake Caliper Repair Kit


Brake System / Disc Brake / Brake Caliper


000 420 23 82, 0004202382

In order for the disc braking system to function, the brake caliper is necessary. It takes hold of and moves the brake pads. Like a pair of pliers, it grabs hold of the brake disc. Brake pads are pressed against the brake disc's friciton surface by pistons in the brake caliper when the brake is applied.

Elements of the brake caliper glide onto guide sleeves and pins to press the brake pads evenly against the brake disc. The guides have to be moveable at all times for proper operation. Brake caliper jamming and tilting can happen if corrosion develops on the guides. To avoid the brake form overheating in this scenario, a jammed brake caliper needs to be fixed right away.

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