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10780 Cabin Suspension Repair Kit

by Febi
SKU FE 10780
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FEBI 10780 Cabin Suspension Repair Kit


Body / Rubber- / Rubber-Metal-Bushes / Cab Suspension


81.96210-0400, 81.96210.0400, 81962100400

Modern automotive chassis are being built using ever-more-complex materials. The finest possible driving comfort, even on uneven roads, is also something that owners of conemporary car models demand.

Rubber to metal components are thus becoming more and more significant. They are specifically employed as elastic joints between the chassis and body in multi-link axle systems.

When driving, the drivetrain and road's vibrations are absorbed by rubber to metal elements, which considerably improves driving comfort and sound insulation. Additionally, they increase steering performance, driving stability on uneven roads, braking, and maneuverability, which all contribute to improved driving safety.

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