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108259 Oil Separator

by Febi
SKU FE 108259
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FEBI 108259 Oil Separator with ventilations hoses


Engine / Oil Circulation System / Oil Separator


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For vehicles to operate at a constant performance level, the use of lubricants, coolants, and hydraulic fluids is essential.

Without oil, frictional forces would cause the mechanical, moving parts of an internal combustion engine to overheat and quickly degrade. Additionally, liquids are utilized to transfer forces, shield the engine from corrosion, and shield it from solid foreign objects like dust or combustion byproducts.

For all the most recent models of commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe, Ferdinand Bilstein offers a broad selection of fluids and lubricants.

We provide a great alternative in OE matching quality with our fluids and lubricants, which are precisely suited to the manufacturer's specifications.

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