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108575 Brake Disc

by Febi
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FEBI 108575 Brake Disc


Brake System / Disc Brake / Brake Discs


51712-D7000, 51712D7000

Along with the wheel, the brake disc revolves. When the brake pedal is depressed, a piston in the brake caliper presses the brake pads up against the brake disc. The vehicle and the disc are both slowed down by the friction created.

The braking process produces a significant quantity of heat. The brake discs' temperature can rise significantly as a result of prolonged or forceful braking, which can cause them to fade and lose some of their stopping power.

High-quality Febi brake discs are therefore made to dissipate heat efficiently and fast where it is needed. In the production process, it's also essential to use the right material (with a high carbon component) and the exact weight, mass, and density.

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