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12337 Sliding Sleeve Repair Kit

by Febi
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FEBI 12337 Sliding Sleeve Repair Kit for brake caliper


Brake System / Disc Brake / Brake Caliper


16 05 777, 1605777

The disc braking system cannot function without the brake caliper. The brake pads are grasped and guided by the mechanism. It encircles the brake disc in a pliers-like grip. Pistons in the brake caliper push the brake pads up against the brake disc's friction surface when the brake is applied.

Parts of the brake caliper glide onto guide sleeves and pins in order to evenly press the brake pads against the brake disc. The guides must always be moveable in order to function properly. The guides may corrode, causing the brake caliper to tilt and jam. In this case, it is crucial to fix a locked brake caliper right away to avoid the brake overheating.

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