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12952 Ball Joint

by Febi
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FEBI 12952 Ball Joint with bolts and nuts


Chassis / Steering And Suspension / Support / Guidance Linkage


89 72 135, 8972135

Numerous roads today have flaws such as potholes, cracks, and bumps.

Thus, the suspension and steering are frequently subjected to extremely heavy loads, which raises the requirements for worn parts' level of quality.

Particular care is used when designing, producing, and assembling parts, especially those related to steering and suspension. Considering that a car that veers off the road could cause the driver to die.

All installed parts must adhere to strict manufacturing specifications in order to guarantee stable road holding even under challenging circumstances. The axial joint, the transverse control arm, the connection, and the steering link are only a few of the safety-related steering and suspension parts that Ferdinand Bilstein offers.

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