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14506 Coolant Flange

by Febi
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FEBI 14506 Coolant Flange for thermostat housing, with bolt kit


Engine / Engine Cooling / Cooling-Water Flange


030 121 117 L S1, 030121117LS1

A combustion engine must operate within a specific temperature range to work at its best. The heat produced by the engine cooling system during engine operation must be efficiently dispersed to the atmosphere in order to avoid the engine from overheating and seriously harming the mechanics.

Almost no sub-assembly can function nowadays without electronic control in order to fulfill the high standards for safety, comfort, and economy. This is particularly evident in the cooling system, which, owing to clever thermal control, guarantees flawless and effective engine functioning.

The vital role of guaranteeing engine functioning under all operating and weather situations is accomplished by thermal management.

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