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14550 Oil Cooler

by Febi
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FEBI 14550 Oil Cooler


Engine / Oil Circulation System / Oil Cooler


068 117 021 B, 068117021B

The engine oil is shielded from an excessive thermal load by the oil cooler. Permanent heat dissipation is required during oil cooling in order to maintain the engine's oil properties. Around 90 to 100 degrees Celsius is said to be the ideal temperature. The performance and service life of the engine oil are adversely impacted by temperature increases of just 10 degrees Celsius.

Oil coolers are sometimes installed on the gearbox or the hydraulic system in commercial vehicles, in addition to the engine.

Today's oil coolers are made of pressed aluminum plates that are constructed in layers. These individual plates allow for easy oil circulation without experiencing significant pressure loss. By our recognized quality management system, all Febi oil coolers are rigorously evaluated for a variety of demands and loads in relation to the crucial factors like precision, dimensional accuracy, and material quality.

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